Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom precision light to medium gauge electronic enclosures, chassis, covers, panels, brackets, guards, card cages, shields, etc. CNC punching, laser and waterjet cutting, forming, shearing, robotic welding, PEM insertion, assembly services, secondaries. Complete per print including finishing such as anodize, iridite, plating, painting and silk screening.

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Premier CNC
Machining Source

Specializing in short run to full production blanket orders, in Stainless Steel, Forgings, all Alloy Castings. Besides Standard Steels, Copper, Aluminum and Specialty Materials. State of the Art Horizontal, Vertical and Turning CNC Machines. Manual to cell, to Automation Tooling.

Phoenix Precision Products, LLC

Photo Chemical

Machining - Photo chemical machining process produces
thin, precision metal parts such as RFI/EMI shields, screens, gaskets, encoder disks, lead frames, terminals and shims. Burr and stress free, low cost tooling. In house finishing, heat treating, selective tin and gold plating, and secondary forming.

PCM Products, Inc.


Providing manufacturers with excellence in 3D Weld Fixture Design & Build, RAPid Tooling Component™ and RAPid Shims™. Dedicated to reducing costs in Weld Fixtures.

Rentapen, Inc.

Tubes and Rods

Precision tube cutting
and bending.

Represented Metal Works